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Let’s just call this one ‘Frustration’

*angrily draws all over an ugly sketch*

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art goals  

e/é the 100 au.
naturally this was going to happen at some point.
not going to have time to work on it for a while… but uh

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manga studio doodle

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art goals  

yo! a troy baker from scratch! super proud of myself!

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pallet + new type of shading i’m no too crazy about + troy baker from reference

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sketchy iwan rheon face study from reference

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Alright so here is a very wordy/slapped together tutorial for how I study faces! Specifically for how I go about identifying and translating traits into less realistic versions. Hopefully my random notes make some sense, but if you have any questions, feel free to shoot me an ask!

I used Chris Pine because I haven’t drawn him before, and I figured it would make the process more genuine.

Full resolution here!

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Was too fun to make.

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practice, pausing at timestamps requested at random and sketching scenes, 15 minute time limit.

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